The Department of Public Works is charged with enforcement of the Winter Sidewalk Safety Act (“WSSA”), which requires District residents to remove snow and ice from the paved sidewalks, curb ramps and curb cuts abating their property after a snow storm. Qualified residents who are disabled and/or over the age of 65 are exempt from enforcement.

Resident homeowners who are seeking the disability exemption must provide evidence that they have been determined disabled through a government assistance program or evidence from a doctor that he or she is physically unable to remove snow or ice. Residents seeking the senior citizen exemption must provide government issued identification which indicates that they are 65 years of age or older.

After submitting your completed application, you will be contacted by a DPW representative within three (3) business days if there are any problems with your application; otherwise, you will receive an exemption certification letter from DPW by mail within seven (7) business days.

Please provide the following information to determine your eligibility for this exemption

Applicant's Name:
Address: (Zip):
Telephone: (Home) (Other)

Check which exemption you are seeking: AGE or DISABILITY
If seeking exemption based on age, please indicate your age:
  • You must provide proof of age by submitting evidence of government issued identification showing that you are 65 years of age or older
If seeking exemption based on disability, please describe your disability:
  • You must provide proof of your disability by submitting evidence of a determination of your disability by a government assistance program
  • You must provide proof of your disability by submitting a doctor's certification that you are physically unable to remove snow or ice
Name of Doctor: Phone # of Doctor:
The above information is true and accurate and reflects this households existing condition. I acknowledge the District’s right to investigate the information furnished and their right to determine whether a doctor’s statement is needed to verify disability.
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