The District of Columbia

Leaf Collection
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Search Criteria
1. Enter part or all of any address in the District of Columbia (example: 441 4th Street NW) :
2. Select the matching address from the list below (Note: If no address is found, please try entering another address):


DPW supervisors are photographing leaf collection crews and the results of their work. Camera icons on the map show you where and when the pictures were taken. The green camera icon is for the first pass through your neighborhood and the orange camera icon is for the second pass. To see the images,

  • First, follow the instructions in the Search Criteria box and select the address you want to see.
  • Then click on the button to the left of either camera icon in the map legend to choose which pass you want to see.
  • Once you click on a camera symbol, a scrolling pop-up window will appear with pictures, date/time taken. Brief comments also might be included.
  • Use the "zoom" tool above the map, or the sliding bar to the left of the map, to increase or decrease the size of the map.

Photos are posted 24-48 hours after being taken to allow time for DPW staff to review the pictures. Not every street will have photographs of collection activities.

Please note: The scheduled start date and the scheduled finish date under the Search box reflect the leaf collection schedule. Winter weather can affect the published schedule. There are streets where leaves are not collected, e.g., highways, federally maintained roads in national parks, private drives, and highly urbanized areas where few trees and lots of traffic make leaf collection unnecessary and/or too disruptive. These streets are in purple.